Evil Within

The thick, sweet substance bathed his tongue and coated his throat as he drank. Light moans of passion escaped his prey’s lips as he loved her body with his.  She willingly gave him everything he needed; her blood, her body, and most of all her life force.

Swallow after grateful swallow, Corbin Matthews took in the fluid he needed to survive in the world.  A mortal world he belonged to as much as he belonged to the world of the undead…which was not at all.

Yes, Corbin needed the vital blood from the woman’s veins to keep his own living heart beating.  He needed the strength of her life force to increase his own powers.  Yet, he is not a vampire.

Corbin walks in daylight among those he preys upon and can blend in with any mortal environment.  Yet, he is not human.

He is both.  Corbin is a dhampir, born of the Ravinakis king and a Roma shuvani mortal.  They say that when he was born, the concrete angels shed tears of blood for the loss of their child to the dark ones for Corbin’s purpose was an evil one.  He was predestined to be the vessel of the last fully demon-vampire to walk the earth:  Corvus the destroyer of mankind.

To this day, the demon’s soul remains trapped inside the dhampir vessel. Corbin grew stronger than his creators had ever imagined, denying the demon his due course of freedom.  That is, until now.

(Novel currently in the editing process)